Digital Illustration


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"Bee Spirit"
“Bee Spirit”
Digital Media
8″ x 12″
The Bee Spirit stops to say farewell before vanishing forever.
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7″ x 12″
Digital Media
She’s a playful, friendly kitten that loves hunting ants.
"The Cabbie"
“The Cabbie”
10″ x 10″
Digital Media
The Cabbie and Sherlock face off for the first time.
"The Merchant
“The Merchant”
9″ x 12″
Ink on Paper, digital color.
The tiny merchant has a long way to go in order to get to the marketplace.
Hall of justice
“Hall Of Justice”
Digital Media
18″ x 24″
A commissioned painting of the historic Hall of Justice building in downtown Los Angeles.
Mouse Mushroom
“Why are you Hiding?”
Digital Media
10″ x 15″
The mouse hides from the rain, and puzzles the amphibious frog, who loves the rain.
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